Research Areas

Theoretical Physics

Supersymmetric Integrable models, General Theory of Relativity(closed time-like curve space- times, naked singularity)

Neutrino Physics Neutrino masses and mixings, seesaw mechanism, texture study of neutrino mass matrix.

Accretion around compact star; Gravitational wave-Hawking Radiation

Theoretical and computational

Research study focuses on theoretical modeling of various nonlinear optical phenomena, such as soliton, optical rogue wave etc and predicting further possible applications based on the analysis. To investigate the possibility of applying nonlinear optical models to other branches of physics such as condensed matter physics for studying the dynamics of matter wave solitons, black hole physics to study analogue black hole are the other research objectives. Study employs both analytical and computational techniques

Light curve modeling in Astronomy & Astrophysics, MonteCarlo Methods & Simulations, Quantum Variational Monte Carlo Techniques, Automated data analysis, Bayesian Data Analysis, Machine Learning Techniques, Astronomy with Virtual Observatories (VO)


Climate science relevant to climate forecast and application; Regional climate downscaling and prediction; Understanding and prediction of water cycle by observation and modeling; Paleo-climate and climate change.

High dimensional fusion, biomedical signal processing, Machine learning 2. Medical diagnosis, portable device based medical diagnosis and embedded system 3. Biomedical instrumentation and measurement 4. Electronics and device theory

Experimental Condensed matter and and Nano-materials

Study of thermoluminescence properties of some natural minerals

Soft Condensed Matter Nano materials, Ion Beam interaction with Materials

Study of point defects in solid, Stimulated Luminescence Dosimetry, Synthesis and development of radiation sensors

Nanomaterials, Porous Carbon, Energy, Environmental Sustainability

Accelerator Physics

Ion Optics, Ultra high vacuum, High Voltage technology, Ion Optics of electrostatic and magnetic system, High voltage safety system 2. Nuclear Physics Instrumentation: Supersonic gas-jet system. Electronics, Instrumentation Nuclear  Physics and Instrumentation

Observational Physics

Observation of Solar Microwave Radio Emission at S- Band

Radiation Physics and Geo Physics

Radiation Physics: Radioactive Radon/Thoron gases, and their applications in earth sciences and Geophysics.

Electronics Instrumentation