Research Projects

Sl.No.  Title of the project  Funding Agency Principal Investigator   Status
 1  Study of thermoluminescence properties of some natural minerals UGC   Prof. G. C. Wary  Completed
 2  Persistence rainfall events and severe convective storm over NEIOV DST  Dr. R. Mahanta  Completed
 3 Study of environmental radon  (222Rn) levels using LR-115 (2nuclear track detector): its radiological risks in an around Guwahati city ASTEC   Dr. D. Borooah  Completed
 4  INSA Senior Scientist Project DST Prof. B. N. Goswami  Completed
 5  Analysis of Light Curves of Variable Stars CSIR Dr. Sukanta Deb  Completed
 6  DST-SERB Distinguished Fellow Project DST-SERB Prof. B. N. Goswami  Ongoing
 7  Variable Stars As Astrophysical Laboratories CSIR Dr. Sukanta Deb  Ongoing
 8  Analysis of Persistent Rainfall events and Local Severe Convective Storm Events ((LSCS) in NEIN DST  Dr. Rahul Mahanta  Ongoing
 9  Centre for Radio Astronomy(Observation of Solar Microwave Radio Emission in S-Band and its correlation with Solar Energetic Phenomena)  ASTEC Dr. Nripanka Saikia  Ongoing